Advanced Drugdealer

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Package Description

What is this?
Zyke's Drugdealer is a unique and fun way to enhance your roleplay server's criminal side. Instead of either sitting in a circle or running around the airport spamming E to NPCs to sell, you will need to go through a more realistic process to sell your products.

How it works can easily be demonstrated in the showcase video, but here's the basics. You aquire a phone, either from a shop or perhaps a blackmarket. Using this phone, you can turn off flight mode and have customers message you various requests. These requests are random, but can have region based settings such as price generosity, drug type, ped model etc. Customers will message you what product, quantity and price they want and you can either decline or accept the offer. Accepting the offer will give you a marker on your map. When arriving at the marker you will finish the deal with the customer, hand over your products and you get paid.

In order to make it more interesting and further enhance the realism, you can turn on smart settings. Actions such as scaring the NPC, running around it suspiciously will automatically cancel the deal and based on your config settings, alert the cops.

Want more details? I recommend the showcase video and the documentation page.

TLDR - Script features
- Completely pre-configured and ready to be started. (150 locations, props, animations etc).
- NUI with animations and transitions to handle messages for a more realistic and in-depth feel.
- Receieve messages from customers, call them to get the location. Don't like the customer's offer? Decline it and wait for a new offer.
- Set price generosity, ped model and drug preference based on location to simulate realistic region based wealth and preferences.
- Props and animations for a more lively experience.
- Smart settings for peds alerting the police / deal cancelling (Running, nearby peds existence, in combat, frightened etc)
- Highly optimized and thoroughly tested for a smooth experience.
- Easy to change and add conversations with variables based on the deal from the customer for a more realistic feel (View showcase for examples).
- Huge config to change all desired values.
- Cooldowns after selling to a customer, location checking to prevent AFK:ing in superior locations etc.
- Built in logs and events to monitor your server.
- Huge and well-written documentation page.
- Made with quality in mind, character changing, relogging etc will always reset to default, error handling with debug messages, first customer is faster to offer deal to keep player interest etc.
- Uses zyke_lib for framework or custom functions, my public repository, meaning custom inventories, progressbars, notifications etc won't be a problem as they can all easily be changed once, and work for all my resources.

View documentation here
View showcase here

- zyke_lib
- QBCore/ESX

Locked files
Files to fetch your framework and handle the config will be unlocked. Running custom functions? zyke_lib is completely open source which means you can change the default code out for your needs.