Advanced Mugging

11.00 EUR

Package Description


We present zyke_mugging, a modern and unique way to mug/rob NPCs around your city. This resource was created to provide a high-quality activity for your criminal players to use. It has been battle-tested on three separate servers and promises a smooth and performant resource to enhance your player’s stay at your server. We try to keep up with the latest trends, allowing you to use popular targeting systems and menu handling out of the box. Below you can read a descriptive feature list regarding all the script’s functionalities.

If you wish to see how it works, view our concise showcase video for a basic understanding, but we encourage you to read our functionality description to see how everything works.


  • Ways to interact
    • qb-target / ox_target / Pressing E for interacting.
    • ox_lib for progressbars & simplistic yet effective context menus.
  • Protected code
    • Majority of code will be available to shape the way you want, with only core functionalities being locked to prevent unauthorized distribution of the resource.
    • If you have any questions about what is available to modify, we are happy to assist you in a ticket.
  • Cooldowns
    • Client-sided cooldowns to prevent unrealistic results.
  • Script flow
    • Smooth animations throughout the script to transition between ongoing events.
    • Randomized props and rotations.
    • All to extend past basic, mundane or unrealistic actions.
  • Alerts
    • Highly configurable.
    • Multi-department support.
    • Chance based.
    • Open functions to customize the alerts to your liking.
  • Unique functionalities
    • Multiple ways to start and conduct robberies, ensuring a fit for everyone’s needs.
    • Signaling peds to start robbery, make them get on their knees to search without any fighting back, or trust them to drop their belongings where they might hide their stuff from you.
    • Ability to blacklist weapons, jobs and ped models.
    • Proper ped manangement and caching to prevent multiple robberies on the same ped, or other glitches that may occur otherwise.
    • Open functions available to integrate other scripts (When robbery starts, when it finishes etc).
    • Extensive logging to keep track of all data, example here.
    • Future integration for zyke_gangs, with a simple toggle.
    • Loot tables
      • All highly configurable with chance, amount etc.
      • Standard loot tables with common belongings such as cash or phone.
      • Shared and randomized loot tables for all peds.
      • Special loot tables tied to specific ped models, such as gangsters carrying drugs, police can carry weapons etc.
  • High quality & performance
    • Proper caching and data management.
    • Optimized timers & loops to remove any overhead.
    • Cleanup, to minimize what your client and server needs to keep track of.
    • Extensive protection against malicious attempts such as cheating.
    • Synced between all clients, even when rejoining.



Locked Files

Core files are locked to protect unauthorized and malicious distribution. However, we try to leave as much open as possible, which leaves a lot of code free to change. If you have any questions about a specific feature being unlocked or not, we are happy to assist you.

Please note that we use zyke_lib to perform all framework-based functions such as notifications, inventory handling, money etc. This allows you to change out the functionality to work on any server, even servers with completely custom functionalities, although that may require you to have minor knowledge of how to tinker with resources yourself.