Advanced Garages

32.00 EUR

Package Description

We present Zyke's Advanced Garages. A long-awaited project that has underwent numerous refinements to ensure the perfect outcome. We invite you to see the showcase video here, or read the feature list below.

View the showcase here.


  • Fully-featured garage script to meet all your needs.

  • Easy to install with our minimally modified database & initialization commands for migration.

  • Persistent vehicles utilizing FiveMs latest technologies together with some smart designs. This allows for despawn prevention, better action syncing etc.

  • Premium quality. Built with optimization for high performance, exports, extensive exploitation protection, highly configurable settings, constant permission checking & logs.

  • Garage Menu

    • Displaying all vehicles neatly with accordions. Displays nickname, model, plate and availability / status.

    • Search bar.

    • Settings to hide impounded/differently parked/taken out vehicles. Can also display performance modifications.

    • Transfer between garages for x price, manual or automatic.

    • Manage access, add or remove other individuals from having access to your vehicle.

    • Edit nickname.

    • Transfer ownership, either to individual or a profession.

    • Displays current finance situation if the vehicle is not paid off.

    • Displays reason for impound if impounded.

  • Custom Access System

    • VIN numbers is the new defining factor of ownership.

    • Share access to your vehicle with other players, allowing them to drive, manage and all-around use the vehicle.

    • Profession-based access systems such as job- or gang ranks.

    • Transfer complete ownership in the garage.

    • Allows for robust and interesting mechanics such as plate switching, as plate no longer holds the same value.

    • Temporary access to vehicles, such as stealing an NPC vehicle or renting.

  • Garage Builder

    • Build garages & impounds through our UI and tools from start to finish.

    • Allow jobs to create/modify/delete garages such as a real estate agent. Can only access their own garages.

    • Edit restart actions. Store/Impound/Remove Impounds for set garages, or all.

    • Manage default garages, ensuring your vehicles appear at a predictable and desired location.

    • Adjust public/profession/private garages.

    • Adjust vehicle types for specific garages.

    • Select interiors for private garages.

    • Place sections you store the vehicles.

    • Place vehicle spawn points, no more waiting for one position to be cleaned up.

    • Place spawn menus. With multiple of these for one garage, you can easily access the garage at larger parking lots.

    • Blips for individual garages.

    • Active & de-active garages easily.

  • Impound System

    • Multi-job with individual settings, to allow for different tiers.

    • Price range to get your vehicle back.

    • Completely locking vehicles from being bailed out.

    • Require driver's license to take out.

    • Reason for impound.

    • Society payout.

  • Vehicle Actions

    • Completely synced. Will perform actions across the map, unless configured not to.

    • Robust system, no more unlocking the car without anything happening.

    • Toggle doors.

    • Toggle engine.

    • Toggle GPS.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Vehicle nicknames.

    • Built in fake-plate system.

    • Built in lockpick system.

    • Bult in key-stealing system for temporary vehicles, although recommended to add to another menu.

    • /savevehicle command to instantly save vehicle changes to the database.

    • Multiple admin commands, such as /claimvehicle, /wipevehicle etc.

    • Restrict profession vehicles such as police cars to police-only garages.

    • Vehicle deformation through 3rd-party script available.

    • Locking NPC cars.

    • Settings through /garage_settings.

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